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Recent retirees are increasingly being called upon to provide financial support to their families, which is placing additional pressure on their retirement income. 
It was concerning to hear that as many as one in eight people (12%) due to retire this year have made no provision for their retirement, including 10% who will either be totally or somewhat reliant on the State Pension. 
New figures from UK Finance have revealed a sharp rise in the number of remortgages in the UK, with numbers reaching a nine-year high in January this year. 
It was alarming to read that the average UK family could only sustain their lifestyle for 46 days if they were to suddenly lose their main income. 
 New research has found that British millennials have grand plans in place for their retirement, but many are not saving enough to be able to make these plans a reality. 
New research from Scottish Widows has revealed that 60% of women in the UK with dependent children have no life cover, leaving their families in a precarious situation if the worst were to happen. 
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Pensions Freedom has brought with it a huge amount of publicity in this area. Lots of speculation around over 55s taking their pension pots out in one go and buying expensive supercars. All of this misses one clear problem at retirement and that is the sheer complication of this area…