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10 September 2020 Category: Pensions

We are pleased to be providing Radio Clyde listeners in Glasgow and across Scotland with our financial advice on frozen clyde frozen pensions ifa advice scotland

The following are some of the key statistics and relevant information on lost pensions in the UK:-

  • The UK's lost pension mountain could be worth £20billion – 6 times higher than previously estimated.
  • There are 1.6million lost pension pots worth nearly £20billion that could remain unclaimed
  • The average person will move jobs 11 times and house 8 times
  • People typically lose track of pensions when moving jobs or moving house
  • The government predicts there could be 50million dormant and lost pensions by 2050
  • These pensions are often left in default funds and costly pension products
  • Often these pensions will have extra charges for those no longer contributing
  • The full state pension in the UK in 2020 is £175.20 per week with 35 years NI contributions which is significantly below the average £304 retirement income. Could you survive on £9,110.40 per year or £15,808 a year?
  • The average UK adult has a target pension pot of £355,000
  • The average UK pension pot is £63,387
  • A good retirement plan will help you get on track for your target retirement

Source: ABI (17/10/2018): The UK’s lost pension mountain could be worth £20 billion – at least six times higher than previously estimated.

Independent Financial Advice on Frozen Pensions and Your Retirement

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25 March 2020 Category: News/Announcement

Please note that despite the ongoing issues with the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are still operating with our teams working remotely and with skeleton staff in our office.

If you are worried or need help with your pensions or investments please contact us.

You can get in touch by phone, email or our online enquiry form­.

We wish you all the very best during these extraordinary times.

Stay safe and stay well.

27 March 2019 Category: Protection

The idea of walking across a tight rope suspended high above the ground would represent a profoundly daunting prospect to most of us, so imagine just how alarming this act might be had you to perform it with no harness or safety net to break your landing in the event of a fall. Human nature is driven by an instinct for protection and self-preservation from the vagaries that life can throw at us, and yet many of us somehow neglect this safety net principle when it comes to protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our way of life within our financial planning. 

22 March 2019 Category: Investment

You do not need to be familiar with the terminology of financial markets to know that when a financial fund is labelled as a dog fund, this is not meant as some fond term of endearment. Rather than being something fluffy and family-friendly, a dog fund is one that has delivered worse returns than the market it invests in for three consecutive years, and by more than 5 percent over the entire three year period. 

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